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About us

Hasson Advogados is a law firm consolidated for over 30 years in the legal market, headquartered in Curitiba/PR and with a branch in São Paulo/SP, standing out in the areas of Labor Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Relations, Contracts, Data Protection, Mergers and Incorporations, Compliance and Corporate Governance, International Law and Arbitration, both in the advisory and litigation spheres.

Founded in 1986 by Roland Hasson, the office acts in approximately 25 thousand processes, attending about 50 different companies all over the national territory, in all instances of Justice and Arbitration Courts.

The team of professionals has a solid professional background and deep experience in customer service and process monitoring, with knowledge in languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Hebrew.

It values highly specialized service, paying attention to the particular characteristics of each client.

The high level of success derives from the combination of a very well-prepared legal team, and a deep understanding of the client’s needs and business.

It has the support of an experienced administrative team, with constant implementation of governance concepts in management, always seeking to modernize and update, with the integration of new talents with training in various areas.

The office has been cited in the yearly magazine, “Análise Advocacia – Os Mais Admirados”, since 2009, among the ten best offices in Brazil in the comprehensive category and among the three best in Paraná, with emphasis on Labor Law.





Our service is characterized by flexibility, according to the profile and needs of each client. Our mission is the development of efficient current theses.

Each process is handled individually and artisanally, always aiming at the best result and the best market practices.