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Acting in the areas of Civil Law and Consumer Relations. He has held internships in several areas of law. He currently integrates the team in the area of civil and consumer law, serving cases in the field of telephony and telecommunications in the State of Paraná.


  • Graduated in Law from Universidade Positivo.
  • Post-graduate in Civil Procedure, Civil and Consumer Law, and Bachelor of Laws, both from Universidade Positivo.


  • Participated in the Scientific Initiation Project in the area of Civil Law entitled “The Statute of the Unborn child and stem cell research” in the period from 2016 to 2017, oriented by Professor Doctor Glenda Gonçalves Gondim.
  • Monograph entitled as “The Repair of Moral Damages in a Specific Way”, oriented by Professor Karina da Silva Magatão in 2018. Article titled as “Civil Liability arising from Contractual Default caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic” for obtaining an expert degree in the year 2021.

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